Some short extracts from reports

In January 2002 I travelled to Belize to be a volunteer teacher in the village school of Louisville, a small village about ten miles from the border with Mexico in the north of Belize.

Teaching was the most rewarding experience imaginable, and when I shared stories with friends who had simply gone back-packing in Australia or the like, I realised how much I was able to gain by living with a native family and not passing by as a tourist.

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Trustees of the Bulkeley-Evans HMC Scholarship for their help in making my trip possible. Encouraging gap year students to travel and get the most out of their year of freedom is wonderful, and I can't underestimate how valuable your help was. I hope I have managed to convey accurately some of the excitement, pleasure and satisfaction I gained out of my year out, and how it has planted in me new ambitions and plans for the future.

It does scare me somewhat that some people dismiss gap years due for financial reasons and hence miss out on these experiences. I do hope you continue to make these experiences possible for some of these people for years to come.


Picture of children.