Scholarships academic year 2023-24 intending to travel during 2024-25

Number and Value, Conditions and Criteria


Scholarships - Number and Value

The Trustees have agreed that for 2023-2024 up to 30 scholarships may be awarded of between £200 and £800 (GBP), and one or two of up to £1,000 in value.

These scholarships are only open to boys and girls in HMC schools.

The Trustees have agreed that one or two scholarships of £1,000 may be awarded to candidates whose financial needs are such that a gap year project would not be possible without such an award.


Scholarships - Conditions

1. Winners of scholarships must agree to come back to their school at an appropriate time after their return from their gap year project to talk to the Sixth Form about their experiences.

2. Winners of scholarships must write a report for the Trustees to be sent to the Administrator immediately after their return from their project.


Scholarships - Criteria

1.The benefit to the community of the country/countries visited during the gap year project. The majority of awards go to boys and girls involved in projects in poorer countries or the poorer areas of other countries.

2. The suitability of the organisation of the project in terms of duration and the gap organisation involved, if there is one. The project must be of sufficient length to give real benefit to a community. The Trustees usually expect that the project will be of at least three months, unless there are special circumstances.

3. Financial need, assessed from the report from the Head, the statements in the application form, and the breakdown of expenses and methods of raising money in the application form.

4. Suitable character and promise, assessed from the quality of the written application and the reference of the Head of the school.

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